How do cream chargers infuse things?

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Rose and raspberry syrup infused using N20 + whipped cream dispenser

Don’t let the name confuse you – whipped cream chargers and dispensers aren’t just for whipped cream. There are a variety of uses for it outside of whipped cream that some may not know about.

The high pressure environment created when chargers are used can infuse flavours from one substance to another. While normally this infusion is what whips the cream in the container, the same process is how rapid infusion gets all sorts of things flavoured.

– In short: The pressure from the N20 is forced deeply into the pores of the solid state flavour. When the pressure is released the nitrous oxide exits the pores of the solid matter extracting the full flavour profile, emulsifying the flavour profile into the liquid. Thus, Full flavour infusions in minutes instead of the natural process of waiting days to weeks. Its science & an art.

Plum syrup infusion

How it works

The basic goal of infusing things are simple – to get the flavour of something into a separate liquid.

To start, flavourings (solids) are added in with the liquid in the container. With the canister is ready to go, the nitrous oxide chargers are used. When the pressurized gas is released into the container, the high pressure environment will infuse the flavours from the solids to the liquid in a rapid time.

After it sits for a minute or so, the pressurized air should be let out by pulling the trigger. The final product will be quickly flavoured liquids that are very convenient to make. These can be used as liquids for cooking, a bartender to create a unique cocktail, or any other time a special flavouring is required.

Without the charger and dispenser, it could take a week or more to infuse flavourings into something by letting things naturally steep. With these handy tools, it can be done in a matter of minutes without any kind of compromise on taste or quality.

As for the flavouring, none of it actually comes from the nitrous oxide chargers. While they do activate the infusion, they do not actual contain any special flavourings themselves. Don’t get fooled by claims that chargers contain flavours – that comes from the infusion process.

large cup of cold brew coffee with added cream

Multiple uses

In addition to infusing flavours like previously described, these chargers can also be used to make cold brew coffee instantly.

This coffee drink exploded onto the scene the past few years and has become a staple at many coffee shops. Because they are poured out of a tap, some might think that it isn’t doable to make themselves at home.

However, it’s actually an easy thing to make with the correct tools. Cream chargers can be used to make it just like at a shop. For the cold brew, you can go with either store bought or brew yourself a batch, which can take over 24 hours when made using natural time consuming methods. Whichever is used, all that’s needed is to pour the cold brew in the dispenser where the heavy cream would go.

Then release the charger into the container. The gas will infuse the coffee within a couple of minutes. It is best to give it a bit of a shake to make sure it mixes properly.

Instead of letting the gas out into the air like when previously described to infuse, it’s best in this case to tip the dispenser downward so the nitrous oxide comes out at the same time as the liquid.

Depending on how creamy of a texture you want the cold brew to be, add more or fewer chargers to the concoction. This might take some experimenting, but the basic process stays the same.

The result is a frothy, foam delight that is far easier to make than most would expect and rich in flavour.

Whipped cream chargers are versatile tools that can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen.

From homemade coffee lovers to bartenders, they have much more functions than simply whipping cream.

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