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From a buyer perspective conducting due diligence into an online stores reputation via its reviews to make sure the website is legit is the norm. 

When searching for reviews for our website you have probably noticed that we don’t have all that many customer reviews.

Why not?

We simply don’t ask. 

Our philosophy on this subject is rather simple: we understand that our customers want the best products at the best prices, as well as the best and fastest free shipping options to ensure that they receive exactly what they ordered from our website securely and on time.

When you have received your product(s), you don’t want to be bombarded with phone calls, emails, letters, and further letters, Emails and phone calls asking you to review each and every transaction you complete. This can be an annoyance. You simply want your products to arrive securely and on time, as stated. If you wanted to leave a review you would do so by your own free will. Many people simply choose not to.

It’s a matter of privacy for our commercial customers. B2B sales account for a significant portion of our business. “Know your competition – Not Sun Tzu”  With this in mind, if you run a business, you don’t want your competitors to know where your business’s supplies come from, as dealing with us could be giving you a competitive advantage over the competition. For this reason, B2B clients are less likely to leave public online reviews.


reviews for

How do we know that you are a legit UK website?

(basic due diligence lesson)

Although our lack of reviews might alarm some people, we hope that those who have read this far understand our reasoning. But how can you be sure that we are a legitimate business operating in the United Kingdom and not just a group of swindlers attempting to swindle you?

1. Check the government register of businesses (Companies house) our registered company number is: 10954397 Link to check: Which shows that a business is active and filling accounts.

2. Check our VAT number is legitimate and active using the UK government VAT checking website. Our VAT number is: GB278206487 Link to check:

(This basic due diligence is universal for use with any business in the UK, and would be the starting point for most B2B companies. Retail customers can do this also if unsure about dealing with a new company.)

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Over 20,000 Completed orders on our website.

We have completed over 20,000+ orders through this website to date. We take great pride & pleasure in fulfilling your orders properly, Ultimately making your life easier without the hassle of problems. We never cut corners or take shortcuts when dispatching your order.

Although we never ask, we don’t discourage customer reviews. If you have a problem with your order hopefully you reach out to us first before going public with your problem. Constructive criticism is welcome + all feedback is appreciated!

Constructive criticism to: [email protected]

you can leave any feedback on our google profile:

Our approach is a somewhat unorthodox. Our philosophy in business is to lead and be the best striving for complete customer satisfaction for those who choose to purchase from us. Not just do what everybody else is doing because that’s the norm. We wholeheartedly appreciate all business opportunities. Thank you for your time reading this post.

Any questions please email us on [email protected]

We look forward to doing business with you.