Nitro rose martini recipe

nitro rose martini

A small touch of rose will elevate an ordinary martini to new heights, enriching it with lovely and subtle floral notes before finishing it off with a nitro infusion that will send your senses into the stratosphere. This drink was inspired by the scents of summer gardens in full bloom, and it’s perfect for any outdoor gathering.

Nitro fruity tonic refreshment recipe

Nitro fruity tonic

As the days become longer and the temperatures rise, there’s no better way to appreciate the pleasures of summer than by venturing outside and preparing some genuinely delectable foods and beverages.

While there are plenty of boozy drink ideas to try this summer, the crisp and refreshing flavour of a non-alcoholic beverage can sometimes hit the spot in a way that very few boozy cocktails can.

Nitro Verjuice Sturm recipe

Nitro Verjus strum recipe

Verjuice is a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes, crab-apples or other sour fruit. Sometimes lemon or sorrel juice, herbs or spices are added to change the flavour. In the Middle Ages, it was widely enjoyed all over Western Europe.

Nitro Sangria recipe

Nitro Sangria

The first versions of sangria are thought to date back over 2,000 years, when Romans traveling through the Iberian Peninsula planted vineyards along the way. Drinking water was typically fortified with wine, spices, and herbs since it was harmful to drink.

Nitro whisky recipe

Nitro whiskey

The Nitro whiskey cocktail, which you can brew at home.

Our nitro whiskey has all the dynamic flavour and velvety-smooth texture of a cocktail crafted by a professional mixologist at a high-end cocktail lounge. Re-create this delicious nitro infused cocktail at home using iSi nitro dispenser + iSi nitro chargers.

Nitro Kombucha Red recipe

Nitro Kombucha Red recipe

Nitro red Kombucha’s popularity continues to grow and is already very popular all around the world from positive attention from all beverage online communities. 

Using nitrogen to charge your red kombucha creates a smoother, creamier beverage that is sure to satisfy. 

How to make nitro cold brew at home

Nitro cold brew recipe

Nitro cold brew coffee is made by charging the base cold brew with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head and mouth feel similar to that of nitro draft beer such as the renown Guinness. Previously creating Nitro coffee at home required expensive commercial equipment which would not be suited to small batch, Home brewing coffee lovers. 

Nitro Cucumber & Gin recipe

Nitro Cucumber & Gin

Gin, ginger, coconut water, cold brew tea, cucumber water, and lime juice are used in this recipe, which is as straightforward as it gets.

Even the most inexperienced bartender can pull this off, much to the delight of spectators.

On a hot summer day, this refreshing homemade gin is perfect. However, feel free to experiment with flavours; mint, thyme, or tarragon, as well as lemon peel or a few cardamom pods, work well with cucumber.

Nitro chocolate rum recipe

Nitro chocolate rum recipe

Introducing you to your new favourite cocktail, The Nitro chocolate rum recipe. Its tastes as good as it sounds this recipe will blow your mind. So easy and so delicious! The thick chocolate and rum body with a silky nitro mouth feel. Its goes together like, Well Nitro, Chocolate and rum.