600 Hendi cream chargers


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600 Hendi cream chargers

25 boxes of 24pcs per case of 600 Hendi cream chargers. 

  • 100% recyclable steel
  • Standard 8g silver cream charger
  • Made in Taiwan & European certified
  • Fits all standard cream dispensers
  • Wholesale pricing

Produced in Taiwan by Mosa, For the Hendi brand. Exactly the same product as Mosa cream chargers, Only it says "Hendi" on the box not "Mosa"

With every pure 8g whipped cream charger electronically weighed, Wholesale Hendi cream chargers are the perfect whipping agent for whipping any hot or cold liquids into exciting culinary delights. 

Every Hendi cream charger is individually encased in premium, recyclable steel and anodised to prevent corrosion and branded with laser technology. 

Suitable for any standard cream whipper dispenser, these popular bulk Hendi cream chargers are capable of turning 0.5 litres of cream into 1.5 litres of whipped cream, delivering 3 times the volume of mechanical whipping accompanied by a more defined taste.

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