Our Story

Cream-chargers.uk was founded in 2015 due to dealing with mediocre and amateur suppliers we saw an opportunity to provide an unbeatable reliable professional service week in week out whilst offering all of our customers the lowest prices and best all-around service as standard.

Our values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do within cream-chargers.uk and we work hard to ensure they are demonstrated in everything we do, after all…

“Your business is our business.”

Service. We put customers at the heart of everything we do and deliver on our promises.

Availability. We think it is important to be on hand and to answer any questions or help our customers with any queries or issue they may have as soon as possible during the working day.

Reliability. We always have stock and can provide a constant reliable supply of any products needed or required to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently problem free.

We have many wholesale customers, supply chains, B2C end users that depend on us and buy our stock to then resell or to make us of.

Unique approach to business.

We tell things how they are, We don’t lie to keep customers happy and we don’t sugarcoat the truth into something false to keep people happy with a continuous stream of lies, We politely tell it how it is.

We keep our customers happy by genuinely being honest, upfront and reliable.

Our approach has gained us many loyal regular customers and an ever-growing number of new regular customers who can relate and appreciate our approach. We are thankful for all business opportunities.