8.4g iSi soda siphon chargers (variable quantity)


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8.4g iSi Soda Siphon Chargers (Various quantities from 10 -360)

  • Boxes of 10 soda chargers
  • 100% recyclable steel
  • Standard 8.4g silver CO2 charger
  • Made in Europe with European certification
  • Fits all standard soda siphons and seltzer bottles (incl. our iSi classic soda siphon and the Isi Twist n Sparkle. 

Ensure your bar is fully equipped with superior quality iSi Soda Chargers, perfect for all your cocktail syrups, carbonated drinks, fizzy finishes and soda waters.

Preventing your fizzy innovations from going flat or losing their flavour, iSi soda chargers are filled with pure CO2 and tightly sealed in a 100% steel, recyclable cartridge.

Available in boxes of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 or 360 co2 cartridges for your convenience. 


Whether you’re making the perfect mojito, concocting an innovative carbonated beverage, adding a final flourish to a cocktail or mixing a soda water, co2 chargers for soda siphons are an essential part of your bar equipment.

Made to fit all standard soda siphons and seltzer bottles, these top quality soda chargers guarantee your beverages are fully carbonated with an intense flavour that lasts.

Made in Austria and electronically weighed with European certification, these ever-popular soda siphon cartridges are easy to use. Each isi co2 cartridge is individually coated in robust 100% recyclable steel, marked with its own unique serial number for traceability and secured with a tight, safe seal.

Used by professional bartenders, mixologists, baristas and chefs across the world, iSi soda chargers deliver the professional results and cost-effective refills you need for your bar, commercial kitchen or home bar.

With the capacity to keep your carbonated beverages fresh and full of flavour for longer, these European certified CO2 cartridges are the essential companion to ensure any standard soda siphon or seltzer bottle is always ready to go.

Ideal for: bars, home bars, professional kitchens, dessert bars, hotels, baristas, restaurants, large-scale catering and more.

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