Mosa 8g soda chargers (Variable quantity)

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Mosa co2 soda chargers (Various quantities from 10 -360)

  • Boxes of 10 soda chargers
  • 100% recyclable steel
  • Standard 8g silver CO2 charger
  • Made in Taiwan with European certification
  • Fits all standard soda siphons and seltzer bottles (incl. our Mosa soda siphon)

Arrange your bar with superior quality Mosa Soda Chargers, which are ideal for all your cocktail syrups, carbonated beverages, fizzy finishes, and soda waters.

Mosa soda chargers are filled with pure food grade CO2 and tightly sealed in a 100% recyclable steel cartridge, preventing your fizzy innovations from going flat or losing their flavour.

For your convenience, Mosa co2 soda cartridges are available in quantites of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, or 360.

Whether you're creating the perfect mojito, inventing a new carbonated beverage, finishing a cocktail with a flair, or mixing soda water, mosa soda chargers for soda siphons are a key part of mixology equipment.

These premium mosa co2 soda chargers, which fit all standard soda siphons and seltzer bottles, ensure that your beverages are fully carbonated and retain an intense flavour.