24-240pcs Kayser cream chargers (variable quantity)


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24-240pcs Kayser cream chargers (variable quantity)

  • 100% recyclable steel
  • Will fit all brands and standard sized whipped cream dispensers
  • Made in Austria & European certified
  • Free before 12:00 next working day delivery / Free Saturday delivery included in the price.

(Variable quantity) - choose from 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144, 192, 240 Kayser cream chargers.

Featuring premium-quality Kayser cream chargers manufactured in Europe and containing 100% pure nitrous oxide (N2O). These canisters are manufactured in a modern facility that adheres to the strictest technical and environmental standards and is fully certified by the European regulations. Kayser cream chargers are compatible with a wide range of cream whippers on the market. Included are Liss, Mosa, and Isi. Always follow the instructions on the cream whipper when using your Kayser cream chargers.

With over 70 years of experience, kayser cream chargers are recognised as world leaders in cartridge manufacturing.

Kayser has a strong passion for and experience and professionalism in the manufacturing of cream whippers, gas canisters and soda siphons - which has led to the popularity of kayser cream chargers. Offering premium quality and good value, Kayser Cream Chargers are currently one of the most popular in the market.

Utilize kayser whipped cream canisters to create whipped cream to finish your dessert, coffee, beverage, or appetiser. Alternatively, take it a step further and master the art of N20-based rapid infusions and cocktail toppings.


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