iSi stainless steel soda siphon

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iSi stainless steel soda siphon 1ltr

iSi stainless steel soda siphon (1ltr) for invigoratingly fresh, Sparking water, Wine & Cocktail's. 

With an easy to use design, Modern contemporary appearance balanced with high ergonomics this iSi stainless steel soda siphon is sure to please users and guests.

The perfect way to create seltzer on demand or to finish cocktails. This soda siphon is perfect for the at home mixologist as well as in commercial settings. 

The iSi soda dispenser prevents the Fizz from escaping with its air tight design giving you a simple yet effective way to create and store your soda water with sustained extra fizz. 

iSi soda siphon removal key for siphon tube. 

What really sets the iSi stainless steel soda siphon apart from other soda syphons is this simple yet effective innovation. 

If you have used a Soda siphon without the siphon tube removal key you will understand how difficult it can be to remove this tube after usage for cleaning or emptying your soda dispenser. 

iSi soda siphon removal key for siphon tube

Simply remove the siphon tube with the turn of a key instead of the conventional inserting your thumb and trying to wiggle the wet and slippery tight fitting tube out of your dispenser. 


Product features

  • Capacity 1Ltr | 35¼oz
  • Dimensions 310(H) x 100(Ø)mm
  • Weight 700g
  • Colour Stainless Steel & Black
  • 1 Ltr capacity allows you to serve multiple drinks with each refill
  • Used with CO2 soda canisters that provide quick and easy carbonation
  • Makes fresh soda water with ease during busy periods of service
  • Classic art deco styling adds a premium touch to your bar
  • Stylish, glossy steel finish provides an eye-catching bar addition
  • Can be used with ice-cold water for the best carbonation