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iSi rapid infusion set


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iSi rapid infusion set

This iSi rapid infusion set can be used with the iSi gourmet whipped cream dispenser to infuse your ingredients in the shortest amount of time.

Infuse aromatic solids with liquids effortlessly and deliciously in minutes instead of weeks. By applying pressure into the iSi whipper using n20 chargers the flavours of the solids infuse into the liquid content of the dispenser almost instantly. For best results, we recommend leaving for 2 minutes within the dispenser. Infuse flavors into oils, alcohol, water, cream using flavorful ingredients like herbs, spices, seeds, fruits and others.

this kit is not essentials but accessories for rapid infusion.

What these accessories are for

  • Stainless steel ventilation tube: This tube catches foam and N20 that would usually shoot out of the spout at pressure and create a mess.
  • Insert Sieve: This keeps solid fragments that are larger than the sieves holes from passing and entering the dispenser's head causing blockages and interference.
  • Silicone tube: Guide the finished product with precision and accuracy.


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