Homebrewing Portable Co2 Keg Charger

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Homebrewing Co2 keg charger is just what you need to charge your keg for any scenario or occasion. Small enough to fit into your palm making it the first choice for your portable keg setup. Simply screw on the MFL threaded disconnect, attach to your keg, and press the trigger to charge the keg.
This pocket-sized Keg CO2 Charger is the ideal tool for any home brewer using Cornelius kegs. This keg charger fits in your pocket and eliminates the need for cumbersome and costly CO2 tanks, regulators and hoses. Press the trigger to release CO2 into the keg; Release trigger to stop flow. Save remaining CO2 for later use. Made of high strength, glass-reinforced nylon, with brass valve internals. Only use with 16g Co2 canisters.
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