Flynt CO.16 Regulator Head With 16g CO2 Cartridge

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Co2TI-FLCo 1

The Flynt CO.16 Regulator Head is made from CNC machined AL-7075-T6 alloy, making it super lightweight and compact – there’s also a regulator lever for ease of use. The CO2 cartridge also comes fitted with an anti-freeze sleeve to protect skin from ice burn during use and a 16g Co2 Cartridge so you can start using your Cartridges for fast inflation.

Flynt has design and durability at its core. Flynt creates a range of cycling tools and accessories for the hands-on cyclist – the type of rider who expects something to work properly every time they use it. Every material and component is carefully chosen to make sure all their equipment is high in quality and affordability. And it’s all backed up with a 5-year guarantee.


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