600 Liss cream chargers

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600 Liss Cream Chargers

(25 box x 24 chargers)

  • Contains: 25 boxes of 24 Liss cream chargers
  • 100% recyclable steel
  • Standard size grey 8g cream charger
  • Made in Europe & European certified
  • Fits all standard cream whippers

Create impressive creams and foams with memorable tastes with 600 Liss cream chargers. Containing, 100% pure, food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O), these superior cream chargers are the ideal way to turn desserts, dressings, drinks and sauces into something special. Sold in convenient wholesale cases of 600. You’ll find 25 boxes inside, each filled with 24 chargers for quick and easy use in your professional kitchen.

Delivering the highest performance, Liss whipped cream chargers are the top choice for professional kitchens across the world. Free from unpleasant, oily residues, Liss non-threaded cream chargers create delicious foams, creams, espumas and mousses packed full of flavour.

With every 8g nitrous oxide charger guaranteed to be dud-free, you can be sure of a consistent, professional finish and a fast whip.

Each N2O cream charger is individually designed with an impenetrable, recyclable steel coating to avoid damage from persistent kitchen moisture. Delivering beneficial preservative properties to your liquids during food prep, Liss cream chargers will ensure your foams are fresh and robust with a clean, moreish taste. 

Easy to use with any standard whipped cream dispenser, these premium cream chargers will quickly whip 0.5 litres of cream into 1.5 litres of professionally whipped cream in any flavour. 

Suitable for both hot and cold liquids, each nitrous oxide charger has the capacity to deliver three times more whipped cream than mechanical whipping. 

Complete with full European certification, Liss whipped cream chargers are a favourite brand for pastry chefs, Mixologists, baristas, dessert bars, culinary artists, hotels, restaurants, large-scale catering services all over the world. 

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