600 Liss cream chargers

600 Liss cream chargers


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600 Liss cream chargers. 25 Boxes of 24pcs per case of 600 L:iss cream canisters

Liss Cream Chargers 600 are made of 100% recyclable steel, they are painted grey, non – refillable and contain min. 10 ml (approx. 8 gram) of pure food – grade N2O. N2O is a tasteless and colourless gas, that is widely used as a propellant in the food industry. More details about N2O: N2O or Nitrous Oxide is a tasteless, colourless, non-inflammable, bacteriostatic (stops the growth of bacteria) gas with a slightly sweet odour. N2O is used worldwide as a food propellant especially in the dairy industry.

Can be used with all standard sized cream whippers/whipped cream dispensers


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