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Whereas Buyer desires to purchase from GDR RETAIL LTD, and GDR RETAIL LTD desires to sell to Buyer, Product(s) for resale to Buyer's customers must be in accordance with this Agreement. NOW, THEREFORE, the parties, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, agree as follows:

1. Definitions

“Chargers” shall mean any and all nitrous oxide charger brands and packaging formats exclusively sold by GDR RETAIL LTD

“Dispensers” shall mean any and all whipped cream charger and culinary charger dispenser exclusively sold by GDR RETAIL LTD

“Product(s)” shall encompass all products available for purchase or license, as applicable, from GDR RETAIL LTD

2. Agreement

This Agreement, including the Supply Terms, shall apply to each and every invoice. for Product(s) issued by GDR RETAIL LTD to Buyer during the Term of this agreement. Buyer may resell Product(s)

3. Price

The Price of Product(s) shall be as set forth by respective Sales Representative.

4. Safety and Restrictions

Buyer understands the chargers are only sold for food and drink preparation. The sale for misuse and inhalation of nitrous oxide is illegal and GDR RETAIL LTD does not allow or tolerate any misuse of the product.

Misuse of Chargers prohibited. Buyer understands that inhalation of Nitrous Oxide carries a risk of serious health consequences. The risks of such a misuse include narcosis, asphyxiation and potentially, death. To ensure product is safely sold and distributed, buyer agrees to the following terms:

I. Buyer confirms and agrees that Chargers are to be sold to catering businesses and legitimate retailers and wholesalers. In case of online sales buyer must verify the customers are 18 years of age or older.
II. Buyer confirms that Chargers will only be distributed, sold and used for food and drink preparation.
III. Buyer confirms the Chargers will only be used with cream whippers and dispensers, any other devices aren’t authorized.
IV. Buyer confirms they do not propose to misuse the Product(s) or to supply the Product(s) to anyone they believe (i) may be under 18 years of age, or (ii) may misuse the Goods.
V. Buyer will take reasonable measures to ensure the products are used only in accordance with this agreement and will be kept secure so that they cannot be misused by children or others.
VI. Buyer will ensure if re-selling Product(s) that any signage, labelling or information which relates to or accompanies the products explains it is for Catering/Food Service use and does not suggest any other use.
VII. Buyer confirms awareness of the HAZARDOUS nature of Nitrous Oxide and agree to not obstruct or modify packaging to obscure safety information and will take all necessary measures with regard to storage and transportation of the cartridges.
VIII. The Chargers will NEVER be put aboard an aircraft, heated in any way or pierced by anything other than a Dispenser.
IX. Buyer will take all reasonable measures to ensure customers reselling product maintain the same safe practices and terms listed in this agreement
X. Buyer will fully comply with UK Psychoactive Act legislation that, under strict penalties, prohibits the use of nitrous oxide for recreational use.