About us

About us. 

We Specialize in Specialized niche market products that you would struggle to find on the shelf in brick and mortar stores at online prices and online availability in the large nationwide stores due to only a small niche market volume. We read blogs, listen to customers and search out companies who are making innovative, unique or best in class products. Products that have demand but not large enough for the monster corporations to take over them or products that require a lot of time, attention and knowledge to sell properly.

All the products we sell we can offer expert non bias advise or help on demand. No delboy salesmen here and no spiel ever.

Mostly everything in this world at one point was invented because It made a human beings life better in some way and since the beginning of time we have wanted things faster and made things faster. If it still exists and makes peoples life’s easier or more enjoyable, those are the sort specialized niche products we enjoy selling and have to offer. having a diverse range of customers in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and throughout Europe.

shop for our Co2 chargers uk: Make your cycling life easier. Essential if using tubeless bike tires. Used in many hobbies such as airsoft. Power cleaners used in electronic engineering & Hobbie electronics. To pressurize soda siphons that can be found in high end bars & restaurants. Home brewing beer and more. 

Shop for Cream chargers uk: Save months on infusion times. Create a vast range of gourmet recipes quickly and better than ever, special sauces, Soups, vinegar's, Creams. whether in the high end environment, professional environment the bedroom or for those Instagram able moment drinks and delicacies that people share.

Shop for Nitrogen chargers uk: Coffee is charged with nitrogen chargers to give it a rich, creamy head, similar to nitro draft beer like Guinness. resulting in a smoother finish from the coffee. Used for similar results for craft and hobby beverages.

Plus many types and brands of whipped cream dispensers, Soda siphons, Spare parts. 

all available to you before 12:00 tomorrow (excluding weekends) if ordered before 16:00 today. 

We have a small sized inventory of large quantities of stock using economy of scale to our and your advantage at our central UK warehouse. Meaning our Efficiency is high and our service is fast, Retail&wholesale prices are low either saving you money on raw materials, or making you more money with no extra effort - other than finding us. 

If you made it this far, Thank you for reading and hope we can do some business.

gdr retail ltd trading as: cream-chargers.uk 

company number:  10954397

vat number: GB 278 2064 87

email: office@cream-chargers.uk