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Whipped cream dispensers

Cream whippers are sealed canisters which use pressurized gas to aerate cream quickly. This saves time and effort when making milkshakes, whipped cream for fruits as well as a range of desserts and fresh pastries which makes our cream dispenser items perfect for commercial venues such as bakeries, cafes and kitchens at home or in the bedroom!

Although this is the primary function of a cream charger dispenser, They are also capable of a lot more than just whipping up cream for dessert toppings and hot drinks. They are perfect for making foams as well as hollandaise, infusions, sauces and mousses, not to mention flavoured cream for puddings, hot beverages and even cold cappuccinos. Cream whipper dispenser can also be used to add texture to components of any savoury or sweet dish.

Whip cream dispenser also allow for delicate mixtures to be kept for longer in the cream whipper, without exposure to the air. These reasons alone make the cream charger dispenser a valuable and versatile tool for any kitchen or home.

Please use in accordance with manufacturers instructions only. 

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