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Co2 chargers

CO2 cartridges at the lowest prices. Filled with natural carbon dioxide, they have many uses from carbonating to pressurising. These cartridges are widely used for pressurising/injecting Co2 into standard 2-inch neck plastic homebrew beer barrels.

Check your barrel has the right adapter for these small CO2 cartridges. Keeping your barrel pressurised as it empties will ensure air is kept out and your beer is properly preserved.

CO2 soda charger bulbs are designed to fit any soda syphon - and most soda makers. If you have an old vintage sparklet or BOC syphon they will fit fine. Our CO2 Chargers are made of 100% recyclable steel and are not refillable.

Airsoft Co2 canisters can be used with a wide range of airsoft Co2 pistols and rifles that require CO2 propulsion. Manufactured to the highest level of precision and quality, these cartridges meet and exceeds ASTM F590 standard consumer safety specification that is 100% tested for heat and burst safety each production.

Top brands Co2 chargers contain much much less machine oil than identical inferior cheap Chinese Co2 chargers. We only stock the top brands.