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Do not be misled by the name – whipped cream dispensers are not limited to dispensing whipped cream. Outside of whipped cream, there are a variety of other uses for it that some may be aware of, including the creation of sauces, mousses, desserts, oils, vinegars, and infusions.

Fizzy fruit watermelon recipe

Carbonated (Fizzy) watermellon, how to make easily at home!  While fresh fruit is delightful on its own, have you ever tried carbonated fruit? You could always do this with dry ice, but it is rarely available and difficult to acquire. Carbonated fruit is delicious, a lot of fun to make, and relatively simple to make. […]

Carbonated fizzy grapes recipe

A soda siphon or cream whipper is another (and the best!) method of carbonating fruit. Due to the pressure in the container, this method produces more carbonated fruit than the dry ice method. Make sure that all ingredients are chilled as Co2 is more soluble in cold water.  How to make fizzy grapes: 1- Slice […]

Warm Potato Espuma recipe

Nothing new here, but it’s still one of the most amazing things you can do with a whipped cream dispenser. Ferran Adrià used this technique to create his reimagined Spanish tortilla. This method produces a beautifully light potato mousseline that is a little easier to digest. Aspects such as the use of the potato cooking […]

Chocolate Flavoured Whipped Cream

How to create Chocolate flavoured whipped cream using N20 + Whipped cream dispenser in minutes.  This one is for all of the chocolate lovers out there. Add delicious chocolate whipped cream to your deserts or beverages. Using N20 + Whipped cream dispenser create your whipped cream in minutes!  Ingredients (For 1/4 ltr dispensers use half […]

Asparagus Espuma recipe

Another culinary technique popularised by modernist chef Ferran Adrià, espuma (Spanish for foam or froth) is now ubiquitous on fine-dining menus — to the point of being considered a touch passé. While some detractors dismiss foams as fussy, superfluous, and out-of-date, the technique has been employed for decades; cappuccino, anyone? Furthermore, foams may offer excellent […]

OG whipped cream recipe

OG whipped cream recipe. Numerous people have tried, tested, and loved it. Original creamy and fluffy whipped cream made the modern way. Rather than whipping the cream by hand or using expensive mixing equipment to make whipped cream, we will be using the revolutionary whipped cream dispenser + Whipped cream chargers for this recipe. Additionally, […]

How to make baileys whipped cream

How to make baileys whipped cream. Start with a basic whipped cream recipe and then add your Baileys! If you have a 1/4ltr dispenser just use half the ingredients.  Ingredients: 1 pint regular whipping cream ½ teaspoon vanilla (optional) ¼ cup powdered sugar. (optional) 1 bottle of baileys Instructions: Add a your ingredients to your whipped cream dispenser.  […]