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What is a soda siphon

  Jump too: Infuse liquids using soda siphon Carbonating liquids using soda siphon Convinience of using a soda siphon How to clean your Soda siphon   Soda Siphon: The story of the soda siphon (also known as the seltzer bottle or syphon seltzer bottle) begins in 1790, when the concept of self-pressurized carbonated beverages was […]

What are cream chargers used for?

Since their emergence in the 1900s, cream chargers have grown in popularity. They have been used for a variety of purposes, most notably in the food and beverage industry, due to their ability to safely and efficiently inject pressurised gas (nitrous oxide, or N2O) into a liquid and aerate it. Along with their professional applications, they are […]

Affiliate / Influencer program

Social influencer discounts / Free supplies / commission program! Do you want to make money and get free products to help create your content? Whether you are an expert within your niche, culinary artist, Mixologist or just sunday afternoon baking enthusiast who is proud of your creations. Whichever platform you use (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, […]

Create delicious infused alcoholic beverages in 2 minutes instead of a few weeks!

Create delicious infused alcoholic beverages in 2 minutes instead of a few weeks! N2O flows out of the cream charger into the Whipper, forcing the liquid and the N2O to organically combine together under high pressure with the flavoring substance. When the pressure in the Whipper is released, the N2O forms bubbles and takes on the flavors of the […]

how to seat tubeless tire without compressor

how to seat tubeless tire without compressor For some people purchasing an air compressor isn’t a viable option. Especially those who live in apartment buildings. The only other option is to use a petrol station’s tyre inflator to seat your tubeless tyre. Even so, this can be a nightmare! This is especially true if this […]

Nitro cold brew coffee

Nitro cold brew coffees are taking the market by storm. This super-smooth drink is being served everywhere, from tiny cafes to Starbucks. Nitro coffee is said to be smoother than conventional iced coffee because of this process that infuses it with nitrogen bubbles. The nitrogen bubbles are said to add a velvety texture and allow […]

Happy new lockdown. We are still online and dispatching orders for before 12:00 next day delivery.

Happy new year, Happy new lockdown to you. Thank you for visiting our website during these uncertain times due to the ongoing covid-19 situation. We are still delivering and doing business as new normal. All staff are fully adhearing to social distancing guidlines and regulations with strict precautions in place to ensure the absolute safety […]

What is the difference between soft peaks and stiff peaks?

It’s a phrase everybody hears when they try to make whipped cream – you’ve got to have stiff peaks. That’s a common point that people get to and stop whipping. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, it might be confusing what can be considered soft peaks vs what can be considered stiff peaks. What Are Whipped Cream […]