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Do not be misled by the name - whipped cream dispensers are not limited to dispensing whipped cream. Outside of whipped cream, there are a variety of other uses for it that some may not be aware of, including the creation of sauces, mousses, desserts, oils, vinegars, and infusions.

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Warm Potato Espuma recipe

Nothing new here, but it's still one of the most amazing things you can do with a whipped cream dispenser. Ferran Adrià used this technique to create his reimagined Spanish tortilla. This method produces a beautifully light potato mousseline that is a little easier to digest. Aspects such as the...

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Asparagus Espuma recipe

Another culinary technique popularised by modernist chef Ferran Adrià, espuma (Spanish for foam or froth) is now ubiquitous on fine-dining menus — to the point of being considered a touch passé. While some detractors dismiss foams as fussy, superfluous, and out-of-date, the technique has been employed for decades; cappuccino, anyone?...

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Parmesan Espuma recipe

The phrase meaning froth or foam in Spanish, and one that is made with the use of a whipped cream dispenser bottle. Culinary foams can be made in a variety of ways, hence this is a specific phrase.Espuma from a dispenser can be used to make foams without the need for an...

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Oreo Café Latte whipped cream topping recipe

Enjoy the sunshine with this delectable Coffee Oreo Latte Recipe. This oreo latte is delightful and pleasant with every sip. This Coffee Oreo Frappe is a 5 minute thing that everyone loves. It's easy to create and hassle-free. Only a few ingredients, as well as a whipped cream dispenser and whipped...

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Simple Tiramisu recipe

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert composed of coffee-soaked savoiardi ladyfingers that are layered and filled with cream and mascarpone. There are no eggs in this recipe.There are many numerous forms of tiramisu recipes; the one here is an authentic Italian tiramisu created quickly with modernist techniques.

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New York Cheesecake Cappuccino recipe

Many of these specialty coffees are arguably "coffee-inspired," but if you're looking for something a little different than your average cup of coffee, this is the site to go. Check out this delicious speciality coffee recipe that you can create at home, whether you're searching for a mid-day treat or...

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Creamy & Thick Vegan chocolate mousse recipe

Creamy & Thick Vegan chocolate mousse recipe We are proud and happy to share this indulgent, Aerated Vegan chocolate mousse recipe with you.  To create a consistent uniform recipe that we can create over and over again and achieve the same results we will be utilizing the latest in kitchen...

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Easy & The best Vegan curry sauce recipe

Easy & The best Vegan curry sauce recipe. There are many reasons why you will love this Vegan curry sauce recipe, This recipe is full of flavour. Using innovative and modern techniques it will be easy to repeat this recipe over and over again and achieve the same consistent delicious...

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The #1 Vegan Hollandaise Sauce recipe

The #1 Vegan Hollandaise Sauce recipe. The most divine vegan hollandaise sauce recipe. Super easy to make using unconventional but innovative methods utilising the latest in food tech products.  For this recipe we will be using a whipped cream dispenser & Whipped cream chargers (Yes, They have other uses than...

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