Pepsi soda recipe - using SodaStream Pepsi syrup

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sodastream pepsi

How to make Pepsi using SodaStream Pepsi syrup

Create original Pepsi soda at home using iSi soda siphon classic + SodaStream Pepsi syrup


  1. 1ltr water
  2. 48ml syrup 


  1. Add 1ltr of cold (Preferably filtered) water to your soda siphon.
  2. add 48ml of syrup to your soda siphon. This can be measured using a scale. Tare the weight of the soda dispenser and add your Soda stream Pepsi concentrate to your water. - Add more syrup for more flavour, Less for Less flavour strength. 
  3. Screw on siphon head and use 1 or 2 iSi soda charger


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