Fizzy fruit watermelon recipe

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fizzy pieces of water melon

Carbonated (Fizzy) watermellon, how to make easily at home! 

While fresh fruit is delightful on its own, have you ever tried carbonated fruit? You could always do this with dry ice, but it is rarely available and difficult to acquire. Carbonated fruit is delicious, a lot of fun to make, and relatively simple to make. A soda siphon or whipped cream dispenser, as well as C02 cartridges, are required. 

Because the Co2 cartridges are the same size as the N20 cartridges, using C02 in your whipped cream dispenser will be seamless.


  1.  Thinly slice the watermelon, as if preparing a fruit salad. Pieces should be small in size. This is done to expedite the carbonation process and raise the level of carbonation.
  2. Add the fruit to a soda siphon or cream whipper halfway filled with CO2. If using a whipped cream dispenser, avoid charging it with N2O cream chargers; otherwise, the fruit will taste bland due to the watermelon's flavour profile being infused into the liquid. Charge the cream dispenser with the same size CO2 ISI soda chargers that were used to charge the cream dispenser.
  3. Chill the soda syphon or cream dispenser in the refrigerator to maintain a cool temperature and increase the amount of CO2 dissolved in the fruit. Overnight, refrigerate.
  4. Before unscrewing the top, release the siphon / dispenser's pressure.
  5. Unscrew the top to serve. To preserve the carbonation, fruit should be consumed within 15 minutes of completion.


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