Carbonated fizzy grapes recipe

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fizzy grapes submerged in soda water

A soda siphon or cream whipper is another (and the best!) method of carbonating fruit. Due to the pressure in the container, this method produces more carbonated fruit than the dry ice method.

Make sure that all ingredients are chilled as Co2 is more soluble in cold water. 

How to make fizzy grapes:

1- Slice the fruit into small pieces, as if preparing a fruit salad. Grapes should be cut in half to avoid bursts caused by the pressure and thin skin. This is done to accelerate the carbonation process and increase the carbonation level.

2- Fill a soda syphon or cream whipper halfway with CO2 and add the fruit. If you're using a whipped cream dispenser, avoid charging it with N2O cream chargers; otherwise, the fruit will taste flat as the flavour profile from the grapes will be infused into the liquid. Charge the cream dispenser using the same size CO2 ISI soda chargers as the cream chargers.

3- Refrigerate the soda syphon or cream dispenser to maintain a cool temperature and increase the amount of CO2 dissolved in the fruit. Refrigerate it overnight.

4- Before unscrewing the top, release the pressure in the syphon / dispenser.

5- Serve by unscrewing the top. Fruit should be consumed within 15 minutes of completion to preserve the carbonation.

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