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You can enjoy refreshing soda water anytime, anywhere with the Soda Siphon. The Soda Siphon will swiftly become a new favourite product in your everyday routine, whether for pure enjoyment or to add sparkle to long drinks and cocktails.

Making soda at home saves both your back and the environment. In many places, the Siphon can be used to create sparkling water from drinking tap water. Transporting mineral water bottles becomes defunct, the use of thousands of plastic bottles can be avoided.

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Fizzy fruit watermelon recipe

While fresh fruit is delightful on its own, have you ever tried carbonated fruit? You could always do this with dry ice, but it is rarely available and difficult to acquire. Carbonated fruit is delicious, a lot of fun to make, and relatively simple to make. A soda siphon or whipped cream dispenser, as...

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Carbonated fizzy grapes recipe

A soda siphon or cream whipper is another (and the best!) method of carbonating fruit. Due to the pressure in the container, this method produces more carbonated fruit than the dry ice method. Make sure that all ingredients are chilled as Co2 is more soluble in cold water. 

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Carbonated fizzy fruit recipe

Serve as a fruit salad, a topping for ice cream, a garnish for a cocktail, or even in a cocktail. Use juicy pears, grapes, pomegranate seeds, or any other fruit with a high water content for an extra fizzy effect.

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Moscow Mule recipe

How to make the Moscow Mule cocktail. The Moscow Mule practically crackles from its chill. In the dead of winter, it'll cut into the haze of your groggy, tired mind like the edge of a Siberian glacier. The Moscow mule is about as simple as a cocktail can be: spirit, mixer, and citrus. #10...

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Vodka + Soda recipe

Vodka Soda Recipe, a classic favourite easy to make cocktail that uses soda water fresh from your soda siphon, with vodka and a twist of lime. vodka and soda is a super simple cocktail to make at home, Since soda siphons give you the freedom to experiment with your seltzer water...

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Blue moon cocktail recipe

Extra fizzy, extra delightful Blue moon cocktail recipe using Co2 chargers + Soda siphon! This blue moon cocktail recipe is fun to make and very fun to consume. This recipe is a sure winner on a hot summers day to cool down.  

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Aperol Spritz recipe

Aperol Spritz recipe Aperol Spritz is an Italian wine-based cocktail, commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. It consists of prosecco, Aperol and soda water.The Aperol Spritz became widely popular outside of Italy around 2018 and was ranked as the world's 9th bestselling cocktail in 2019 by the website Drinks...

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