Nitro Cucumber & Gin recipe

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Gin, ginger, coconut water, cold brew tea, cucumber water, and lime juice are used in this recipe, which is as straightforward as it gets.

Even the most inexperienced bartender can pull this off, much to the delight of spectators.

On a hot summer day, this refreshing homemade gin is perfect. However, feel free to experiment with flavours; mint, thyme, or tarragon, as well as lemon peel or a few cardamom pods, work well with cucumber.


  • 250 ml cucumber water
  • 250 ml coconut water
  • 200 ml gin
  • 20 g ground ginger
  • 20 ml lime juice
  • 250 ml Cold brew tea (grüner Tee)

How to make Nitro cucumber & gin recipe

  1. Stir in all ingredients and then pour through a Funnel & Sieve into the iSi Nitro dispenser.
  2. charge with an iSi Nitro Charger, shake eight times.
  3. Pour straight into a glass.

Use a second iSi Nitro Charger for a more intense taste experience.


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