What is the difference between soda chargers and cream chargers

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Did you know that carbonated drinks have been around for nearly 250 years? The process has become so commercialized that it seems like a more recent invention, but it’s actually been around since the late 1700s!
These days though, there are many different options for creating a fizzy beverage.
Many companies are producing these at an industrial scale. But there are still easy ways for you take to make your own carbonated drinks at home.
Using a simple tool like a soda charger and a container to mix it with a liquid can let at- home consumers make drinks as bubbly as they’d like.

What is a soda charger?

Soda chargers are small, metallic canisters that hold in carbon dioxide gas (CO2). They are used to mix the CO2 in with a liquid, producing a carbonated drink like seltzer water or soda pop.
Typically, they are used with a soda siphon to make these drinks. A soda siphon is similar to a whipped cream dispenser, except the focus isn’t on cream here.
Basically, a soda siphon is used to combine the canister and the liquid, then it dispenses the new carbonated drink.
Popular appliances like SodaStream use a similar process, except their carbon dioxide canisters are larger and tailor-made for their products.
Like a SodaStream or a fountain drink station, all of these carbonation devices work in the same general way.

 soda siphon dispensing soda water to finish a luxurious cocktail


what are soda chargers used for?

As simple as it seems, there is actually some complex science taking place when carbonated drinks are being made.

CO2 and water do not naturally mix because they are structurally different - their
molecular shapes prevent them from forming any chemical bonds.

So how do carbonated drinks perform this molecular mystery? The answer is simple - pressure. By combining the liquid and gas under extreme pressure conditions, they are forced to mix.

Water cannot hold much CO2 under normal conditions. But in this special circumstance, it can be done, resulting in a very unique liquid.However, this incredible process does have a limit as soon as the mixture is released into normal pressure conditions. This is why carbonated drinks go flat. The carbon dioxide escapes the liquid to combine with other CO2 particles, leaving the rest of the liquid to sit with fewer and fewer bubbles.

Another variable in the process is the temperature of the liquid is at the time of
carbonation. The colder the liquid, the more bubbly the mixture will be when finished.

That’s one way to adjust how carbonated you want your drink to be.
There are also other factors in how long drinks can stay carbonated to look out for. Take champagne as an example. The reason they are served in specific glasses is because the shape of the glasses keeps the drink from going flat.
Certain shapes cause more fizz with each movement, so champagne flutes are
designed to hold in as much carbonation as possible.

With all sorts of ways carbonated drinks can be affected, you might be wondering if they are all that different than the chargers used to make whipped cream.

Are soda chargers the same as cream chargers?

Though they do look the same when packaged in a charger, a soda charger is quite different from a cream charger.

Where soda chargers hold carbon dioxide, cream chargers hold nitrous oxide (N2O). Because these two gasses are very different on a molecular level, they will react differently when exposed to certain substances.

For example, nitrous oxide needs thicker substances to be able to mix with. So, if you tried to use a cream charger to make bubbly water, it wouldn’t work. The water is too thin to capture the N2O molecules.

Don’t let cream soda fool you - even though it has cream in the name, it’s still made using carbonated water. Simply put, soda chargers and cream chargers are not interchangeable. They are used in specific instances for a reason, so stick with what they are known to work for.

The convenience of both is extremely nice for those who want to add some flair to their at-home meals. Soda chargers can make fancy, bubbly drinks. Cream chargers can instantly make the perfect whipped cream for any dessert toppings.

Don’t be afraid to them out and make your own specialties!

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