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Soda Siphon:

The story of the soda siphon (also known as the seltzer bottle or syphon seltzer bottle) begins in 1790, when the concept of self-pressurized carbonated beverages was introduced in France. The modern siphon as we know it was invented in 1829 when two French gentlemen patented a hollow corkscrew that could be inserted into a soda bottle and, through the use of a valve, allowed for the dispensing of a portion of the contents while maintaining the pressure inside the bottle and preventing the remaining soda from going flat.

In the 1920s and 1930s, soda siphons were extremely popular among the speakeasies generation and could be found in almost every bar, tavern, and home. The growth of bottled carbonated beverages and the destruction of many siphon manufacturers' plants in Eastern Europe during World War II resulted in a decline in their popularity following the war. Slowly but steadily, production has resumed over the last 60 years, and soda siphons remain as popular as ever, being widely used in bars to create drinks and enjoyed at home by seltzer enthusiasts worldwide.

soda siphon infused cocktail

Infuse liquids

Soda siphons are excellent for infusing alcohol beverages and carbonating them. They are quite versatile and are a lot of fun to use for creating delicious beverages and impressing your friends or customers.

With your soda siphon, you can use either Co2 soda charger or N20 cream chargers, each of which produces a different result.

Infusions can be performed in minutes using N20, whereas they would normally take weeks under normal natural conditions. 

soda water made using soda siphon

Carbonating liquids

Utilize Co2 chargers and a soda siphon to carbonate delightful beverages on demand. In a matter of a few minutes, you can create Sparkling water, Sodas with syrups, Cocktails, Mocktails, and Fruit juice sodas.

Carbonating a liquid entails filling a soda siphon halfway with your desired liquid and adding carbon dioxide. The more Co2 that is dissolved in the liquid, the fizzier the finished product.

It is recommended to use cold liquids for the best results, as Co2 is more soluble in cold liquids than in warmer liquids.

One of the advantages of carbonating your own soda water with a soda siphon over purchasing soda water is that once a bottle of soda water is opened, it is either used or discarded. That is just one of the numerous real benefits of keeping your own soda siphon in the refrigerator.

Each time you use the soda siphon, the bottle is not actually opened. You are opening a valve to allow only what you require to flow. Take it out for your next round or set it aside until the following week; it will remain cold and pressurised until it is consumed. It is cost effective, saves storage space, and is environmentally friendly.

If you're only making long drinks (mules, tonics, etc. ), you can simply carbonate water and add your ginger/tonic/whatever syrup, then use this house made soda in your cocktails.

Did someone mention presseco? Purchase inexpensive or mid-priced white wine. Carbonate it and presto, you've got your own on-demand supply of prosecco, cava, or champagne! It's quite a spectacle. Your friends or guests will exclaim, "Wow, you're quite the mixologist!"


By making your own Seltzer at home with a soda siphon, you can avoid carrying bottles or cans from the supermarket (especially if you live in a city).

8G Soda chargers are 100% recyclable and generate significantly less waste than their bottled or tinned soda water counterparts.

how to clean soda siphon

How to properly clean your soda siphon

Just after infusing/carbonating Juice, Wine, Cocktails, and other liquids, sugars from the liquids may remain in the bottle, clogging the insides or causing mould / bacteria. Avoiding such issues is fairly simple if you follow this brief guide on how to clean your soda siphon.

  1. Depressurize your bottle in the sink by holding the trigger down until all internal pressure and remaining liquid has been released.
  2. Remove the soda siphon's head and charger holder.
  3. Remove the straw and the gasket
  4. Rinse all components thoroughly with warm water.
  5. Fill the bottle halfway with warm water and swirl the water inside, then empty the bottle and repeat as necessary.
  6. Fill the bottle halfway with warm water and then add the soap. Circulate and deplete.
  7. Rinse the siphon body once more with warm water.
  8. Compress the head's release trigger and run both ends under a warm water tap. Give it a gentle shake and set it aside to dry on a dry surface.

If you clean your soda syphon immediately after use, it should last you many years in perfect working condition.

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