how to seat tubeless tire without compressor

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how to seat tubeless tire without compressor

For some people purchasing an air compressor isn't a viable option. Especially those who live in apartment buildings. The only other option is to use a petrol station's tyre inflator to seat your tubeless tyre. Even so, this can be a nightmare! This is especially true if this is your first time switching to a tubeless setup.

After an unsuccessful Sunday afternoon spent googling methods and looking at alternatives to spending money on a compressor that would be used maybe once a year and would be in the way the rest of the year, the idea occurred to me. The straightforward use of CO2 tyre cartridges in combination with a CO2 tyre inflator. And it performed flawlessly.

16g Co2 cartridges deliver a 60BAR burst of pressure instantly when the tyre inflator makes contact with the valve. With a pocket-sized tool, you can achieve compressor-like performance at a fraction of the cost. Basically a mini pocket sized air compressor for tubeless mtb.

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install tubeless tire without compressor

We will assume you are here because you are at a stage now where you have completed all of the steps needed to tubeless ready your wheel set and are at the point just about after you have spent between 30~60 minutes frustratingly trying to seat your bike tyre with a foot pump. - Spilled the tyre sealant every where / All down your self etc etc (its okay it gets easier with practise) and are at the stage of frantically searching YouTube, google, reddit (Hopefully you find this before those options) to find a solution to your problem.

All that you need to do now is to make sure you have enough sealant left in the tyre, Fully installed your tyre on to the wheel set. Then Load up your Co2 tyre inflator with a threaded 16g Co2 cartridge and push onto your valve. 

60 Bar / 870.226 PSI of pressure will release into your tyre within 2 seconds of your Co2 tyre inflator meeting the tyre valve and snap your tubeless tyre into place instantly delivering the same results as a large sized compressor. 

Once your tyre has clicked firmly in to place, Immediately spin your wheel as naturally any air will be trying to work its way out of the tyre through any path it can find. By spinning the tyre the sealant can do its job and quickly plug any air escape holes. 

Spin for about 40 seconds tilting the wheel, Give it a few shakes. The more movement the better as the sealant can get to work. There will always be some where for the air under pressure to escape - its normal. 

At this point your tyre(s) should have lost some of their pressure. Re pump using your normal bike pump / foot pump at the highest recommended pressure and go for a casual ride. This will fully seal and bed in your tyres. 

Remember to change your tyre sealant every 6 months. If storing for long periods eg: over winter. empty your tyre of sealant before storing, Your future self will thank you as it goes like glue after the 6 month period.


Our current price (01.06.20) for 20pcs of Tyre inflator cartridges is £13.40, inc postage. £0.67p each. 

Email us on with the word "HELP-A-BROTHER" and you will receive a free Mosa tyre inflator (worth £9.99) with your cartridges order.





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