can dogs eat whipped cream?

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dog just about to devour some whipped cream

If you’ve been in a Starbucks line recently, you might have seen the car in front of you with a dog being served through the window. “Puppucinos,” (In the USA) which are just whipped cream in a cup, have become a fun treat for dog owners to give their pets. But some might be wondering if it’s alright for dogs to consume whipped cream.

Is Whipped Cream Safe for Dogs?

For the most part, yes, whipped cream is just fine to give to dogs. In reasonable quantities, they are able to eat all dairy products including milk and cheese.

Sometimes Starbucks baristas will add a little bit of flavouring as an option too. This can add in some extra calories, but as long as there isn’t too much extra it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re serving it to them at home, it’s also fine to add in a little sugar to sweeten the whipped cream.

So, there isn’t much reason to be worried about feeding your dog whipped cream. If you’ve already been doing it and haven’t had any issues, that means your dog handles the substance just fine.

small dog eating whipped cream

What To Pay Attention To

While it is safe for many dogs to consume the substance, take note of how your dog reacts to it. Some can be lactose intolerant, just like humans, and it can cause digestive issues. So if you give your pup some whipped cream and notice later that they are vomiting, have diarrhoea, or some other issue, be careful about giving it to them anymore.

These won’t be major health issues for the dog, but it’s not something they or their owner wants to go through. Plus, they might not know that the whipped cream is the cause of their stomach problems, and will continue to eat it when offered.

It’s also smart to be cautious of overdoing the treat for them, especially for smaller dogs. Whipped cream in overly large portions can be too many calories for dogs who are on a diet, and it can be easy to overserve them.

Just like people, overeating can lead to weight gain and other health issues. As long as the dog is on a healthy diet overall, feel free to indulge them on occasion. Of all the sweet treats they can have, whipped cream is one of the better ones.

man dispensing whipped cream from a whip cream dispenser

Whipped Cream Dispensers For A Quick Treat

One reason the Puppucino might be so popular in the USA is that people don’t always have a fresh batch of whipped cream on hand. It can be a process to whip up a batch that might only last a few days.

If your dog loves the occasional dairy treat, a good option is to keep a whipped cream dispenser on hand. These are easy to use and only require having the dispenser, a charger, and heavy cream to make instantly make whipped cream.

They work by using compressed nitrous oxide (via the charger) and infusing it into the heavy cream. The nitrous oxide mixes in with the cream and gives it the perfect, fluffy volume upon dispensing.

This can be very convenient for a dog owner because traditional whipped cream that’s stored in a covered bowl can lose its texture after only a few days. With a dispenser, the heavy cream can remain chilled in its liquid form until the time to use it comes. So, it should last as long as it would in its original container.

Instead of having to plan ahead with the whipped cream, your dog can have it whenever is most convenient.

So, next time you see a cute video of a dog cleaning out a cup of whipped cream in the drive- thru, you can know that it’s a perfectly fine snack for the animal.

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