5 types of Nitro beverages you need to try

5 types of Nitro beverages you need to try

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Nitro infused drinks

Nitro infused beverages have become increasingly popular in recent years one look on instagram for #Nitrocoffee, #Nitrocoldbrew, #Nitrobeer will return thousands of posts of visually gorgeous beverages.

Adding Nitrogen (N2) to liquid creates a rich, Silky texture and a creamy and thick foam head. The most well known example of a nitro drink is Guinesse.

The foam head and silky texture are a noteable part of what makes nitrogen charged drinks so alluring creating a beverage that you savor, Taking your time to truely enjoy it. Infusing beverages with nitrogen diminishes the need to add sugar or sweeteners as the gas provides a sweet taste naturally.

Paralel to C02, nitrogen does not create any acidity, removing the aspect from a beverages flavour profile. This also makes nitro drinks preferable to drink for those who might otherwise struggle with acid reflux or stomach issues when consuming carbonated beverages.


Create delightful; Coffee's, Tea's, Beer's, Cocktails, Soda drinks cost effectively and efficeintly whether at home or for your business using Nitro drinks dispenser + Nitro chargers.

At home: Create small batches of your favourite drinks 1ltr at a time and dispense as needed from your dispenser.

For your business: If you have been concidering purchasing a full nitro draught set up but want to start small to test the water the iSi nitro dispenser is a great way to introduce nitro beverages to your customers before up-scaling and commiting to a full Nitro draft set up. The extra revenue created from your investment will soon pay dividends from being able to offer customers a wider, fresh range of liquid delights.

If you already have a nitro draft system installed the iSi nitro dispenser would be a great tool in your arsenal for prototyping and experimenting with recipes in small batches.

Types of Nitro beverages:

nitro coffee

1. Nitro cold brew coffee

The growing coffee revolution that is happening all over the world and changing the way many people enjoy their coffee (not just in the summer months) Nitro cold brew contains significantly more caffeine than hot-brewed/iced coffee.

Clean natural energy.

Cold brew coffee is steeped for 12-20 hours absorbing more caffein content than hot brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee is brewed as a concerntrate with a higher than normal coffee-to-water ratio of between 1:4 and 1:8, compared with a more typical drip coffee ratio of 1:16 or 1:26. This alone leads to a higher caffeine concentration.

Caffeine has been shown to stimulate fat loss, help with weight management, and enhance exercise.

Caffeine is a thermogenic stimulating compound which basically helps to boost your bodies metabolic rate, Thus offers great fat burning properties aswell as enhanced pysical performance.

Adding Nitrogen to Cold brew coffee creates a beverage that doesnt need any added fats, calories or sugars as the nitrogen is naturally sweetening, Creates a fine fizz that manifests as a smooth, Slightly thick and velvety texture similar to adding cream.

Tl;dr - Nitro cold brew coffee is a healthy drink that can be enjoyed any time whether it be at home, at work or pre workout before excersize.


Nitro tea

2. Nitro tea

Coffee shops in the USA started to introduce Nitro tea after the sucess of Nitro coffee to their customers in 2017. Since then Nitro tea is served in thousands of coffeeshops worldwide becoming a common favourite menu item making #nitrotea their drink of choice.

Gorgeous guilt-free enjoyment without sacrificing taste!

Nitro tea provides a completely new taste experiance without added sugar. Nitrogen is a naturally sweet tasting gas that adds a hint of sweetness without adding any sugar! Offering a healthy alternative to added sugars in your diet.

Completely dairy free creamy texture from adding Nitrogen to liquid. Nitrogen doesnt desolve in liquids until it is pressurized, Nitro forms millions of very small bubbles that effect the texture effectively making it creamy. Coffee shops offer a number of dairy alternatives such as; Almond milk, Soy milk and coconut milk which are all recurrent milk substitutes. This means that Nitro charged tea is great for vegans as well as people who have milk sensitivities such as lactose intolerance. Charging tea with nitro leaves a creamy sweet finished product

The taste of nitro tea is like nothing you’ve experienced before!

3. Nitro beer

Guinesse introduced #nitrobeer more than half a century ago in ireland creating an alcoholic beverage that spread throughout the British Isles, Ireland, From 1959 onward the world.

In recent times Nitro beer is renowned amongst home brewing communities and commercial brewers alike.

Nitro beers have always been tricky even for experienced brewers no matter how sophisticated their equipment is at the brewery and until recent years not even an option for home brewing enthusiasts.

With prominent growing demand for Nitro beer, Growing supply follows.

Create small batch Nitro beer using iSi nitro dispenser + iSi Nitro chargers. You can use either home brew or store brought: Ipa, Stout, Malt, irish red ale etc and charge as needed in 1ltr batches.

Nitro soda

4. Nitro soda

Nitro beverages have been among the biggest growing consumer trends in the beverage industry. With growing social exposure and consumer curiosity its no wonder these immersive looking beverages are growing in popularity.

Nitro soda is transforming the soda drinking experience, much the way that craft beer and coffee have been transformed by nitro drinks. Substituting nitrogen gas for the traditional carbon dioxide that gives soft drinks their bubbles has many benifits, especially for people who suffer from bloating, IBS, Heart burn etc.

Create Nitro versions of your favourite drinks!

Using BiB (Bag in Box) / Post mix syrup + Water you can create your favourite branded drinks without the carbonation!

Ever wonder why drinks such as Coca cola taste better from Food outlets, Pubs, Bars that have a drinks dispensing machine?

Venues with drink dispensing machines use something called Post mix syrup. This is a concerntrate of the beverage that is watered down to a ratio 5:1 (5ltrs of water to 1ltr of syrup) when served and carbonated on demand.

We can recreate our favourite drinks at home using nitro + Save money per ltr vs what you would usually pay for bottled Pre mix soda.

Here is how: (Assuming your using 1Ltr iSi nitro dispenser)

  • Measure out 200ml of Post mix syrup in appropriate container
  • Add 800ml of preferably filtered water to your containter (if you want to make regular carbonated soda, Use soda water instead)
  • Stir
  • Pour into dispenser
  • Use 1 Nitro charger
  • Shake

Enjoy! It will stay good in your fridge for one week.


One case of BiB Post mix syrup is 7ltrs of concerntrate, Enough to make 35 ltrs of finished product. You can play with the ratio as much as you want eg 4 litres of water to 1ltr of post mix syrup (4:1) and if the finished product is to strong, Simply water down to 5:1 you can add more or less to your taste.

If using BiB post mix syrup also concider using a BiB Tap valve. Without this you will have an actual nightmare dispensing the concerntrate and storing the concerntrate after you are done.

We stock Coca Cola, Fanta, Iron Bru, Mountain dew, 7up, Mirinda, Sprite post mix syrups +The full SodaStream range if you want to try Nitro soda - (Can also be used with Soda siphon to create the origional carbonated drinks)


nitro cocktail

5. Nitro Cocktails

Cocktails should be luxorious and completely different than your everyday drink, Associated with good times and fond memories. (Sometimes any way)

Understandably Nitro use within the mixology world is ever increasing. Not only does Nitro improve the consistency of the cocktail, Nitrogen also enhances the aromatics of the cocktail. If you love a pink gin fizz or an espresso martini you have not experianced their full true flavour profile until you have tried them charged with nitrogen.

Commonly soft and creamy cocktails are created by adding egg whites or milk. Using nitrogen to create this silky finish Vegans are no longer excluded in a repertoire of mind blowing taste sensations.

Whether you’re a professional bartender or an at-home mixologist, There is thousdans of recipes that can be found online for you to try at home or serve to your customers.

Thank you for reading and i hope this post helped you in some way. If you have any recipes or anything to add to this post, Please! Message us on sales@cream-chargers.uk



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