5 types of Nitro beverages you need to try

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Nitro infused drinks

Nitro-infused beverages have grown in popularity in recent years; a quick search on Instagram for #Nitrocoffee, #Nitrocoldbrew, or #Nitrobeer yields thousands of visually stunning beverages.

Nitrogen (N2) is added to liquids to give them a rich, silky texture and a creamy, thick foam head. Guinness is the most well-known nitro beverage.

The foam head and silky texture contribute significantly to the allure of nitrogen-charged beverages, resulting in a beverage that you savour, taking your time to truly enjoy. By infusing beverages with nitrogen, the need for added sugar or sweeteners is reduced, as the gas naturally exerts a sweet flavour.

As with carbon dioxide, nitrogen does not produce acidity, thus eliminating it from a beverage's flavour profile. This also makes nitro drinks a better choice for those who suffer from acid reflux or stomach problems when drinking carbonated beverages.


Create delectable coffee, tea, beer, cocktail, and soda drinks cost effectively and efficiently at home or in your business by utilising a Nitro drinks dispenser + Nitro chargers.

Create small batches of your favourite beverages at home. 1ltr at a time and dispense from your dispenser as needed.

For your business: If you're considering investing in a full nitro draught system but want to test the waters first, the iSi nitro dispenser is an excellent way to introduce nitro beverages to your customers before scaling up and committing to a full Nitro draught system. The additional revenue generated by your investment will quickly pay dividends in the form of being able to offer customers a more diverse and fresh selection of liquid delights.

If you already own a nitro draught system, the iSi nitro dispenser would be an excellent tool for prototyping and experimenting with recipes in small batches.

Types of Nitro beverages:

nitro coffee

1. Nitro cold brew coffee

Nitro cold brew is part of a global coffee revolution that is transforming the way many people drink coffee (and not just in the summer months). It contains significantly more caffeine than hot-brewed/iced coffee.

Natural energy that is clean.

Cold brew coffee is steeped for 12-20 hours and absorbs a greater amount of caffeine than hot brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee is brewed as a concentrate with a higher than normal coffee-to-water ratio of between 1:4 and 1:8, as opposed to the more typical drip coffee ratio of 1:16 or 1:26, which is used for drip coffee. This results in an increased caffeine concentration.

Caffeine has been shown to increase fat loss, aid in weight management, and improve exercise performance.

Caffeine is a thermogenic stimulant that works by increasing your body's metabolic rate. As a result, it has excellent fat-burning properties as well as enhanced physical performance.

By adding nitrogen to cold brew coffee, you can create a beverage that is naturally sweetened without adding additional fats, calories, or sugars. It also creates a fine fizz that results in a smooth, slightly thick, and velvety texture, similar to adding cream.


Nitro tea

2. Nitro tea

Coffee shops in the United States of America started to offer Nitro tea to their customers in 2017 following the success of Nitro coffee. Since then, Nitro tea has become a popular menu item in thousands of coffee shops worldwide, with #nitrotea becoming the drink of choice.

Beautiful guilt-free pleasure without sacrificing taste!

Without added sugar, nitro tea creates an entirely new taste experience. Nitrogen is a naturally sweet-tasting gas that imparts sweetness without the addition of sugar! Offering a nutritious substitute for added sugars in your diet.

Nitrogen-infused liquid creates a creamy texture that is completely dairy-free. Nitrogen does not dissolve in liquids until it is compressed. When compressed, nitrogen forms millions of incredibly small bubbles that impart a creamy texture to the liquid. Coffee shops offer a variety of dairy alternatives, including almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk. This means that Nitro charged tea is great for vegans and those who suffer from milk sensitivities such as lactose intolerance. Nitro-charging tea results in a creamy, sweet final product.

Nitro tea has a flavour unlike any other tea you've ever had!

3. Nitro beer

Guinness popularised #nitrobeer in Ireland more than half a century ago, establishing an alcoholic beverage that quickly spread throughout the British Isles, Ireland, and, starting in 1959, the world.

Nitro beer has gained significant popularity, both among home brewers and commercial brewers.

Nitro beers have always been challenging, even for experienced brewers, regardless of how sophisticated their brewery equipment is, and were previously unavailable to home brewing enthusiasts.

With increasing demands for Nitro beer comes a thriving supply.

Utilize an iSi Nitro dispenser and iSi Nitro chargers to create small batch Nitro beer. You can use either homemade or store-bought Ipa, Stout, Malt, or Irish red ale and charge in 1ltr batches as needed.

Nitro soda

4. Nitro soda

Nitro beverages have been one of the beverage industry's fastest growing consumer trends. With increased social exposure and consumer curiosity, it's unsurprising that these immersive beverages are gaining popularity.

Nitro soda is transforming the soda drinking experience in much the same way that nitro drinks have transformed craft beer and coffee. Substituting nitrogen gas for the traditional carbon dioxide that gives soft drinks their fizz has a number of benefits, particularly for those who suffer from bloating, IBS, or heartburn.

Create nitrogen-infused versions of your favourite beverages!

You can create your favourite branded drinks without the carbonation by using BiB (Bag in Box) / Post mix syrup + Water!

Have you ever wondered why beverages such as Coca Cola taste better in restaurants, pubs, and bars that have a beverage dispensing machine?

Venues with beverage dispensing machines make use of what is known as Post mix syrup. This is a concentrated version of the beverage that is served and carbonated on demand at a 5:1 ratio (5 litres of water to 1 litre of syrup).

Using nitro + carbon dioxide, we can recreate our favourite drinks at home. Save money per litre compared to the price of bottled pre-mixed soda.

This is how: (Presume you're using a 1Ltr iSi nitro dispenser.)

  1. 200ml Post mix syrup in a suitable container
  2. Fill your container with 800ml of preferably filtered water (if you want to make regular carbonated soda, Use soda water instead)
  3. Stir
  4. Fill dispenser halfway.
  5. Utilize one nitro charger
  6. Shake

Enjoy! It will keep for one week in the refrigerator.


One case of BiB Post mix syrup contains 7 litres of concentrate, which is capable of producing 35 litres of finished product. You can experiment with the ratio as much as you like, for example 4 litres water to 1 litre post mix syrup (4:1), and if the finished product is too strong, simply dilute to 5:1, adding more or less to taste.

Consider using a BiB Tap valve in addition to the BiB post mix syrup. Without this, dispensing and storing the concentrate will be a nightmare.

We stock Coca Cola, Fanta, Iron Bru, Mountain Dew, 7up, Marinda, and Sprite post-mix syrups, as well as the complete SodaStream range if you're interested in trying Nitro soda (Can also be used with Soda siphon to create the original carbonated drinks)


nitro cocktail

5. Nitro Cocktails

Cocktails should be extravagant and distinct from everyday beverages. They should be associated with good times and fond memories.

Nitrogen usage is steadily increasing in the world of mixology, which is understandable. Nitrogen not only improves the consistency of the nitro cocktail, but it also enhances its aromatics. If you enjoy a pink gin fizz or an espresso martini, you have not tasted them in their entirety until they have been charged with nitrogen.

Frequently, egg whites or milk are added to create soft and creamy cocktails. Vegans are no longer excluded from a repertoire of mind-blowing taste sensations thanks to the use of nitrogen to create this silky finish.

Whether you're a professional bartender or a home mixologist, you can find thousands of nitro cocktail recipes online to try at home or serve to your customers.

I appreciate your time in reading and hope this post was beneficial to you in some way. Please contact me if you have any recipes or information to add to this post. Send us an email at sales@cream-chargers.uk.



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