Rhubarb Gin recipe in 5 minutes (Full flavour)

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glass of rhubarb gin

Are you looking for an original, refreshing flavour to add to your cocktail menu?

Try Rhubarb Gin! This gin is a must-try if you love the taste of rhubarb. It's perfect for a springtime drink and can be used in both cocktails and mixed drinks.

This recipe will teach you how to make rhubarb Gin from scratch at home with just three ingredients: gin, sugar, and rhubarb.

When you infuse pieces of tangy rhubarb in gin, something magical happens. a tasty tipple that is refreshing, sweet, and full of flavour is created by infusing rhubarb gin. This recipe is extremely simple, and it offers outstanding taste.

For this recipe to speed the steeping process up we will be using the rapid infusion technique to create our beverage in 10 ~ minutes without compromising quality or flavour instead of waiting 3 days for a natural steep. 

For this recipe you will need a 0.5ltr whipped cream dispenser + Whip cream chargers.


  • 300g of rhubarb

  • 200g of sugar

  • 500ml of gin (London dry type of gin)

two glasses of rhubarb gin

How to make rhubarb gin

  1. To begin cut your rhubarb into small chunks. 

  2. Put your chopped up rhubarb pieces into your whipped cream dispenser

  3. Add your 200g of sugar into the dispenser.

  4. Pour your gin into your dispenser - Up to the line marked '500ml'

  5. Screw on dispenser head. 

  6. Insert 1 x N20 charger. shake up and down and shake for 10 seconds. 

  7. Put the dispenser down for 1 minute. 

  8. Use another N20 charger and shake for a further 10 seconds. 

  9. Leave to rest for 2 minutes - The longer you leave it the better the results will be. At this stage the infusion would be good enough to consume and enjoy. 

  10. Release gas from dispenser. Hold upright, Put a cup over the nozzle (To catch any reside and liquid that may fly out). 

  11. Unscrew the dispenser top and serve. 

Best served neat over ice.

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  • Hi Jon, Thank you for your comment! That step must have been accidentally missed off. I have just edited the recipe – The sugar goes into the dispenser with the rhubarb before sealing the container for the infusion stage.

    cream chargers uk on
  • When do you add the sugar?

    Jon on

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