Rapid infusion cold brew coffee recipe

Rapid infusion cold brew coffee recipe

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Cold brewed coffee with added cream

Rapid infusion cold brew coffee recipe

Usually when we make cold brew coffee we used time and patience to infuse the coarsely ground coffee beans with the water by storing in the fridge for 15-20 hours. Sometimes this time span doesn't work out for us and we want our beverage A.S.A.P

For this recipe we will be using an innovative method that involves using a whipped cream dispenser + 2 whipped cream chargers.

This rapid infusion cold brew recipe will give parallel results to the standard method of steeping cold brew so you can be confident you are not cutting corners or making compromises of quality / taste in pursue of fast results.

For this recipe we will be using a 500ml iSi gourmet whip. 


  1. 100g of your chosen coffee beans.
  2. 400ml of preferably filtered water.


  1. Add your 100g of Coffee beans to your coffee grinder and grind until they are the size of sugar granules. 
  2. Add to your dispenser using a sieve to avoid spillage.
  3. Pour your 400ml of water into your dispenser. 
  4. Screw on the dispenser head. 
  5. Use 2 x N20 chargers, Screw into the dispenser using the dispenser cream charger holder. 
  6. Shake and swirl the dispenser to make sure all of the coffee is submerged in the water to achieve optimal infusion.
  7. Leave in your fridge for 30-60 mins. (30 mind being medium strength, 60 mins being strong)
  8. Release gas from dispenser, Hold your dispenser flat on a surface. Put a cup over the nozzle to avoid coffee granules flying out under pressure, And release all container pressure until empty. 
  9. Unscrew head of dispenser and pour into a sieve and new container filtering out all of the coffee granules. 
  10. Serve and enjoy! 

You can add a range of flavourings and syrups to make specialty flavoured cold brew coffee - Which i would highly recommended doing. 

You can also go onto charge your cold brew with Nitro, To make the very popular variation of cold brew, Nitro cold brew. 

View our Nitro cold brew recipe if this sounds tempting to you!


How this recipe works?

N20 dissolves into the liquid and is forced into the solids (coffee beans) pores under pressure. The pressure of the N20 fully penetrates deeply into the solid matter. When the pressure is released the nitrous bubbles out extracting all of the flavours / nutrients etc into the liquid to give a fully bodied flavour profile that could only otherwise be achieved by waiting 10's of hours. 

N20 is also a flavourless colourless gas which leaves no flavour or aftertaste.


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