5 Different ways you can make whipped cream at home

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Bowl of whipped cream in a culinary environment

How to Make Whipped Cream

Making whipped cream is just like drawing a perfect circle – it’s harder than it looks. While making whipped cream can be difficult, it definitely is possible.

Since the 16th century, whipped cream has been invigorating the taste buds of foodies around the world. Ever so popular today, it says a lot about such a simple yet tasty topping!

So, how should you make whipped cream?

Things to Consider

Before you start whipping that cream, you should take note of a few things.
To make whipped cream, you will need the following ingredients/items:

  • Heavy (whipping) cream – 1 cup/ 237 ml
  • Powdered Sugar – 2 tablespoons
  • Vanilla extract (optional) – 1 teaspoon
  • Whipping apparatus (Unique to each method)

We highly recommend using heavy cream/heavy whipping cream, with a milk-fat percentage higher than 35%. The fat helps to stiffen the liquid cream, to form whipped cream upon whisking.

Of course, if you want more whipped cream, feel free to double or triple the portion! Do so for the rest of the ingredients to keep that perfect ratio.

Also, a pro tip is to chill everything before making your whipped cream. Try to make your items as cold as possible, which speeds up the whipping process. (Don’t freeze the cream though!) With these points in mind, here are 5 methods to make whipped cream.

Bowl of whipped cream made using a whisk

1. Classic Whisking 

Classic whisking is the original way of making whipped cream. The apparatus you need for this method is a bowl and a hand whisk.

Start by pouring one cup of heavy cream into the bowl. Next, add two tablespoons of sugar.

After doing so, use the hand whisk to start whipping the cream. You can whip the cream by swirling the hand whisk in a circular motion, quickly and swiftly. Classic whisking can take 10 minutes or more, so be prepared for an arm workout!

As you stir, take note of the texture of the cream. When your cream starts thickening and solidifying, you should check for “peaks”.

There are two types of peaks when making whipped cream, soft peaks, and stiff peaks. The end goal is whipped cream with stiff peaks

You can check your whipped cream’s peak stage by holding up the hand whisk, and looking at the cream’s state. Soft peak cream will be slightly droopy and soggy, while stiff peak whipped cream is firm and holds together well.

The best time to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract is in the soft peak stage. After adding the extract, continue whisking.

Soon enough, your cream will enter the stiff-peak stage, and that’s when you’re done! However, you may overwhip the cream if you’re not careful, so we recommend checking the texture of the cream once in a while.

Well, hand whisking surely takes a lot of practice to perfect!

Pouring heavy cream into mason jar

2. Glass Jar 

The next method of making whipped cream is the glass jar technique. This is an easier way to make whipped cream, so it’s more beginner-friendly!

The only equipment you need for this method is a glass jar. A water bottle or a container works fine as well, just get a box with a lid.

Add 1 cup of heavy cream, followed by two tablespoons of sugar into the glass jar. Then, screw on the lid, and start shaking.

Yes, time for another arm workout. You can shake the glass jar as vigorously as possible, just try not to break it!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to add vanilla extract in this method, as we won’t be looking out for the soft peaks. Of course, if you’re somehow able to open the lid at the cream’s soft peak stage, feel free to add the vanilla extract.

While you’re shaking the jar, you can feel the liquid cream sloshing around. Once the sloshing stops and you feel like you’re shaking a solidified mass, that’s the time to stop.

Just like that, you’re ready to enjoy the homemade whipped cream!

making whipped cream with a hand mixer

3. Hand Mixer

If you don’t want to work so hard just to make whipped cream, you can try using a hand mixer.

For this method, you’ll need a bowl, hand mixer, and a towel to clean up the mess.

First, add the cup of heavy whipping cream and two tablespoons of sugar into a bowl. Then, dip the whisks of the hand mixer into the cream before turning it on. You should start with a low speed, and slowly increase the speed later on.

This greatly minimizes the amount of cream splattering out of the bowl, so using a bowl with tall sides is even better.

As per the hand whisk method, occasionally check the texture of the cream. You can add in Vanilla extract at the soft peak stage.

After you’ve finished making the whipping cream, there may be cream stains on your countertop.

Well, I guess that’s all part of the process!

Stand mixer preparing whipped cream

4. Stand Mixer

Alternatively, you can use a stand mixer to make whipping cream. This is similar to the hand mixer technique, but in this case, the process is more automated.

You’ll need a stand mixer, a bowl, and a towel to make the whipped cream. As usual, pour one cup of whipped cream and two tablespoons of sugar into the bowl.

Dip the whisks of the stand mixer into the bowl, and switch on the mixer. Once again, start from low speed, and increase the speed of the stand mixer gradually. You can drape the towel over the stand mixer to prevent the cream from splattering out.

While the towel is draped over the machine, it’s important to keep looking at the mixture. With automated equipment, the cream can turn from nicely whipped, to overwhipped in a blink of an eye.

making whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser

5. Whipping Cream Dispenser

The final method to make whipped cream is to use a whipping cream dispenser. This is by far the easiest and most hassle-free technique to make whipped cream.

The equipment you need is a whipping cream dispenser and a cream charger.
First, add one cup of heavy whipping cream and two tablespoons of sugar into the whipping cream dispenser.

You can add a teaspoon of vanilla extract as well.

Next, screw the lid tight and shake the dispenser about 10 to 20 times. This mixes all the ingredients nicely and also helps to confirm your lid is screwed on tight.

Finally, insert a cream charger in the charger holder, and screw the charger holder onto the whipping cream dispenser. Invert the whipping cream dispenser, and squeeze the trigger. If done right, you’ll get a steady stream of billowy whipped cream coming out of the dispenser, nice!


In conclusion, there are many ways to make whipped cream. These 5 methods are just some of the common techniques, you may even find a special way to make whipped cream!

With loads of practice, and a very messy kitchen, you’ll be enjoying a bowl of perfectly whipped cream in no time.

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